Published Articles

Doctors fees on the way up

Most GPs say they will stop bulk billing or charge a higher consultation fee to cope with the rebate freeze
03 July 2015

Seven fast facts about the indexation freeze

From August 2015 to July 2018, the real value of a GP consultation item will be reduced by an average of 6.8%
02 July 2015

Doctors warn of GP co-payment by stealth

The indexation freeze could result in a co-payment of as much as $8, says the AMA
14 May 2015

Rebate freeze will force city GPs to charge extra

But in areas of social disadvantage doctors may be unable to recoup any losses
24 March 2015

Medicare changes may lead to patient cross-subsidisation

A Senate committee has been told the pressure to continue bulk-billing some patients could lead to costs being passed on to others
26 February 2015

Ley backs away from co-payment link to research

She says she can’t guarantee the government will honour funding proposal
19 February 2015

No co-payment without doctors: Abbott

Abbott vows to consult medical profession and AMA says it's time to talk
10 February 2015

RACGP demands more time for Medicare

A few weeks is ‘simply not enough time’ to understand, analyse and identify the serious implications, says Jones
06 February 2015

Bulk-billing practices uncovered

Yet more reason to approach the co-payment debate with caution, say researchers
03 February 2015

Universal healthcare still at risk: Labor

Attacks on Medicare will not stop just because it's a new year and a new minister, says Opposition health spokesperson
16 January 2015