Published Articles

High BMI linked to colon polyps

As the list of adverse health effects of being overweight and obese continues to grow, researchers can now report a link between high BMI and colon polyps.
13 December 2017

Poo transplants better than antibiotics

The first systematic review and meta-analysis shows promising results for C.diff
14 August 2017

Spot diagnosis

Hint: This moiré pattern lines the colon and the patient is a woman
21 February 2017

Stool test could end unnecessary colonoscopies

It can accurately differentiate between IBD and IBS but it is yet to get government funding
15 March 2016

Clear fluids not the only option before colonoscopy

A white food diet is more tolerable and just as effective, say Melbourne researchers
28 August 2015

What goes in - must come out

A Cochrane review waxes lyrical about water-infused colonoscopy, but an Australian gastroenterologist says it’s too messy
12 June 2015

How doctors can reduce unnecessary colonoscopies

Don’t do them in young women if there’s no clinically obvious reason, says an Adelaide professor
22 May 2015

Aussies develop robot pill to sniff out flatulence

Scientists hope their tiny capsules can be used in place of colonoscopies as a non-invasive diagnostic tool
23 March 2015