Published Articles

5 reasons to stop calling low-risk cancers 'cancer'

A name change is needed and 'one of the most important steps' to improving quality of life, says expert.
24 January 2019

Meet the new 'Just a GP' podcasters

Dr Ashlea Broomfield and Dr Charlotte Hespe are two of the trio behind the new Aussie podcast.
06 November 2018

Do you consider yourself a good listener?

A random sample found GPs interrupt less than specialists
23 July 2018

What's the key to a thriving general practice?

National survey pinpoints patients' main gripe
26 April 2018

10 tips for managing professional boundaries

The maintenance of boundaries in the doctor–patient relationship is central to good medicine and the appropriate care of patients, but sometimes the lines can be blurred.
24 January 2018

Texting dos and don'ts

If done right, the benefits for doctor and patient are 'substantial'
09 May 2017