Published Articles

2 in 3 patients don't tell their doctor about complementary meds

Fear of disapproval is the most common reason for keeping mum on alternative therapies.
11 February 2019

US doctor banned for recommending 'pot cookies' for four-year-old

The Hollywood physician advised the boy's father to give himĀ marijuana cookies to control temper tantrums.
30 January 2019

Victorian cancer 'healer' slapped with ban

Black salve practitioner now barred from making or compounding any substances claimed to cure cancer.
25 January 2019

Turnbull's diet guru remains suspended

Chinese medicine practitioner seeking an end to his suspension over the death of a patient.
11 January 2019

Rise in melatonin's use as sleep aid for children

Even preschoolers have been given the jet lag treatment to doze off, say paediatricians.
29 October 2018

Spot the reason this chiro patient's vision went haywire

Got a patient with a headache? High-velocity chiropractic thrusts to the neck appear to NOT be the solution.
02 October 2018

The beet goes on: juice effective in patients with peripheral artery disease

Key ingredient in beetroot juice might reduce pain and improve oxygen delivery
10 September 2018

Where's the best evidence for CAM in psoriasis?

Researchers have weighed up 60 studies of alternative therapies
07 September 2018

Low blow: Questions over the benefits of probiotics on gut health

They may even delay a return to health after antibiotics, study says
07 September 2018

Vitamin D: a pseudo-vitamin for a pseudo-disease

Large study blows apart the fracture prevention claims that abound around the sunshine vitamin
30 August 2018