Published Articles

6 new things to know about contraceptive guidance

Evidence-based guidance from family planning experts
24 April 2017

The Pill’s cancer protection is good for 30 years

Findings come from the longest running study on oral contraceptives
24 March 2017

9 drugs that interact with oral contraceptives

These medications can reduce the efficacy of the Pill
21 September 2016

Morning after pill fails obese women

Doubling the dose may be one option but experts urge caution with this approach
22 July 2016

Rich get lucky on LARCs

Poorer people are being left out of the loop, but more nurse involvement could save the problem
16 May 2016

Having kids adds years to a woman’s life: study

But, it’s all about the timing, according to an analysis involving 320,000 people
03 November 2015

Neurocognitive benefits of the pill

While the physical side effects are well established, the neurocognitive impacts have largely been overlooked, says researcher
06 August 2014

More on breast cancer and the pill

Newer oral contraceptives may come with increased breast cancer risk
04 August 2014

Study ends drospirenone concerns

All combined oral contraceptives are created equal, says family planning expert.
10 July 2014