Published Articles

Rethinking the use of antibiotics for COPD

New draft guidelines suggest restricting their use to severe flare-ups
10 July 2018

How one event changed a GP's approach to dyspnoea

Looking to deepen your knowledge and understanding of managing breathless patients? Why not attend our upcoming CPD-accredited seminar.
16 March 2017

5 ways COPD presents differently in women

It is important for clinicians to be alert to the variance, say experts
21 February 2017

Nipping the cough reflex in the bud

Australians say they have found an efficacious treatment for unexplained chronic cough
31 March 2016

Asthma and COPD labels under review

Respiratory experts argue that current categorisation is outdated
03 February 2016

Opioids good for severe COPD

Low-dose oral morphine looks like the best bet for breathlessness, according to a Cochrane review
08 April 2015