Published Articles

Sonic gives in to GP pressure over pharmacy pathology

But Amcal is looking for a new partner
07 July 2017

IPN boss moves to Primary

He will be paid $1.65 million plus a large bonus for his efforts
03 May 2017

When practice does not make perfect

One in five GPs intend to sell their business within two years
29 March 2017

5 things to look for when buying an established practice

Why it’s sometimes a better bet than setting up on your own
14 December 2016

GPs at most risk from Medicare review

Primary CEO says they will be hit the hardest
19 August 2016

After-hours doctors left on their own

Many are reporting low levels of clinical support
27 July 2016

Deputising service accused of making unnecessary visits

Only one in 12 after-hours patients were 'genuine', GP alleges
18 March 2016

Australian GPs dubbed ‘unicorns’ by corporate boss

He has hit back at claims overseas-trained doctors are being used to undermine rural clinics
17 March 2016

GP furious over PHN’s take-no-prisoners attitude

He claims the primary health network’s plan to outsource care is unfair on clinics in his area
13 February 2016

New GPs ‘terrified’ of practice ownership

Concerns about money, business skills, and administration are putting them off
28 January 2016