Published Articles

Call-out to young patients seeking labiaplasty

A sharp increase in surgery rates is the subject of new research
29 June 2018

Man dies during penis enlargement surgery

The story of what went wrong
02 August 2017

Why Aussie women look so old

They are ageing up to two decades faster than their sisters elsewhere
11 April 2017

Doctor convicted of sexual assault

He grabbed his patient’s buttocks before making an outrageous suggestion
08 February 2017

Cosmetic surgeons bemoan botox parties

They are dangerous and the perpetrators should be punished, they say
19 October 2016

Vulvoplasty spike a cause for concern

As demand surges, so too do reports of serious complications
18 October 2016

9 important changes to cosmetic procedures

The Medical Board of Australia has been performing a little nip and tuck of its own
11 October 2016

Pharmacist helps woman in face reconstruction

A chance conversation in a park brought the woman to the attention of world-renowned surgeon
09 June 2016