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What’s killing Americans most?

Data track changes in the burden of disease.
13 April 2018

Seven of the most common deadly mistakes

Australian report reveals 82 'sentinel incidents' over the course of a year
31 January 2018

Diabetes fallout prompts dire warnings

Death rate from type 2 is going against the overall trend
02 November 2017

Dying for a triathlon

21 September 2017

The best diet for longevity

New evidence confirms which foods decrease risk of premature death
14 July 2017

How doctors get sucked into inappropriate care

Expert warns against futile treatment of elderly patients
30 June 2017

Nursing home residents dying too early

There has been a marked increase in deaths from falls
29 May 2017

Teaching hospitals have better outcomes

At least that’s the case in America, say Harvard researchers
24 May 2017

How good are ICU staff at predicting the future?

Study explores the accuracy of doctors when it comes to critically ill patients
22 May 2017