Published Articles

Only 1 in 3 Australians have planned end-of-life care

And just 3% of general practice patients have completed an advance care directive.
12 February 2019

History: 5 embarrassing monarchs' deaths

Royal pains part III details the demise of powerful people in past centuries.
28 November 2018

History: That time a doctor murdered a king to make the morning papers

Part II in a series looking at all the times monarchs have been royally screwed by death and disease.
14 November 2018

5 signs of 'give-up-itis'

Bizarrely in the final stages, people can appear to make a miraculous recovery.
28 September 2018

'Give lung cancer patients fewer preventive meds'

Efforts are needed to deprescribe such drugs in those nearing end of life, say researchers.
13 September 2018

6 tips for facilitating end-of-life talks

A useful guide on navigating a difficult topic
18 July 2018

AMA 'anguished' at passing of euthanasia laws

After a 28-hour marathon sitting, the historic bill passed the Victorian upper house
22 November 2017