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Marriage may help stave off dementia

Marriage appears to lower the risk of developing dementia, according to the available evidence, which suggests that the risk is modifiable by lifestyle.
28 November 2017

Personality change does not flag dementia

US researchers have found no evidence to support the idea that dementia can be identified by changes in personality before the onset of cognitive impairment.
11 October 2017

Quiz: How would you manage this suspected overdose?

Elderly woman has ingested unknown amount of paracetamol
16 August 2017

Worst vascular risk factors for dementia

Diabetes is almost as strong a predictor as the APOE4 gene
09 August 2017

Check dementia risk with BP readings

Home monitoring may be the way to go
09 August 2017

This is how exercise wards off dementia

It may not be a panacea but it certainly helps, say researchers
24 July 2017

Best ways to prevent dementia

Landmark study shows what realistically can be done to minimise risk
21 July 2017

Which speech changes signal problems?

Researchers explain how to detect cognitive impairment
20 July 2017