Published Articles

Prenatal depression delivering hard times

Study finds the problem is on the rise
13 July 2018

It’s official: exercise wards off depression

Physical activity reduces the risk of depression at any age, according to a large meta-analysis.  
27 April 2018

How suddenly stopping exercise affects the mind

Depressive symptoms can occur after just three days
23 March 2018

Study casts doubt on intranasal ketamine for depression

Australian researchers have questioned the efficacy and safety of intranasal ketamine for depression, with their pilot trial stopped early due to adverse effects in some patients.
16 March 2018

This diet is better than the Mediterranean for treating depression

A popular diet shown to reduce stroke risk may also be good for preventing late-onset depression, according to a preliminary study due to be presented in April.
28 February 2018

Which antidepressants work best?

All are more effective than placebo, but some are better than others
22 February 2018