Published Articles

Bigger waists linked to shrunken brains

It answers the question of whether extra body fat is protective or detrimental for brain health.
11 January 2019

Using lentils to reduce blood glucose levels

Study finds replacing potatoes with pulses leads to a 35% drop
18 June 2018

Who's dying from job stress and why?

It’s not women, a Lancet study shows.
06 June 2018

Diabetic retinopathy: why early treatment matters

An expert’s guide to treatment options
28 May 2018

Not all calories are created equal

22 nutrition researchers review the current science on diets
17 May 2018

Clearing up dietary confusion around eggs

Eating 12 a week does not increase cardiovascular risk 
07 May 2018

Large study debunks 'obesity paradox'

It challenges the idea that overweight is linked with longevity
05 March 2018