Published Articles

5 questions that determine whether a test will lead to overdiagnosis

The biggest marker is whether the benefits outweigh the harms, say researchers.
08 February 2019

DIY mammograms turn out to be less painful

Women compressed their own breasts a little bit more than radiologists did, researchers say.
08 February 2019

History: Be thankful you've never had to play the urine wheel of fortune

Doctors used to swill patients' pee samples like a fine wine.
06 February 2019

Aussie doctor's advice to Billy Connolly led to Parkinson's diagnosis

The world-famous Scottish comedian was diagnosed with the disease in 2013.
09 January 2019

5-point tool for doctors treating childhood cellulitis

Assessment score developed to decide whether to use IV or oral antibiotics.
07 January 2019

This smartphone app can detect anaemia

It screens for low haemoglobin by checking the colour of the user's fingernails.
06 December 2018

Shock value: Show patients an image of their clogged arteries

A picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to motivating patients to address risk factors.
03 December 2018

Testing times: Why GPs in the UK order three times as many tests as they used to

Extra testing has also increased GP workload over the past 15 years, researchers estimate.
30 November 2018

Incidentaloma is on the rise

Many unexpected findings are spotted on MRIs but few turn out to be cancer, say researchers.
30 November 2018

History: How shyness prompted a doctor to invent this indispensable medical instrument

Faced with a woman's chest, Dr Rene Laennec knew what he had to do.
21 November 2018