Published Articles

Eating meat may raise risk of non-fatty liver disease

Study shows people with NAFLD get more of their total calories from animal protein.
13 February 2019

1 in 5 report some form of food intolerance

And overall, one in 10 are allergic to at least one food, US study suggests.
07 January 2019

What a whopper: Junk food linked to asthma and allergic disease

It's likely nutritional deficits contribute to asthma progression, research suggests
13 August 2018

Low-carb diet boosts artery health - but only for women

Men just lose weight on it
18 July 2018

Going nuts for sperm production

60g a day will help to boost semen quality and functionality
05 July 2018

Drink coffee as if your life depends on it

Yet another piece of research extols the virtues of this famous brew
04 July 2018

Using lentils to reduce blood glucose levels

Study finds replacing potatoes with pulses leads to a 35% drop
18 June 2018

Why middle-aged men should go easy on this diet

Study finds a link between high protein and heart failure.
30 May 2018