Published Articles

1 doctor dies of suicide every day in US

Survey of 15,000 physicians shows primary care doctors have one of the highest burnout rates.
17 January 2019

Doctors urged to be kind – to each other

'Why are doctors so unkind to each other? What has happened to collegiality?' Australian clinicians ask 
15 January 2019

GP rescued after three days in dark cave

'I was trying to keep an eye on my watch, which glows in the dark.'
12 December 2018

Doctor burnout linked to e-health records

Daily IT frustration more than doubles the risk of burnout, US study finds.
06 December 2018

It looks like doctor burnout is finally being taken seriously

Regrets over medical job choices reveal a 'crisis in slow motion'.
19 September 2018

40% of GPs experience mental health issues: UK survey

Being a GP doesn’t make it easier to talk about your own mental health problems
27 August 2018

Doctors - literally - lose sleep over poor clinical decisions

Study finds care-related regret is linked to insomnia and poor coping strategies make things worse
07 August 2018

Targeted: Vexatious complaints against peers

It's one suggestion in the Medical Board's draft code of conduct
24 July 2018

How burnout impacts on medical errors

Big mistakes are being made even in so-called safe workplaces
11 July 2018

8 facts on the dark side of doctoring

Dealing with the elephant in the room
15 May 2018