Published Articles

Doctors have a role in warning teens about depression and cannabis

Thousands of cases of adolescent depression could be averted if cannabis use was eliminated, says expert.
14 February 2019

Mythbuster: techniques for avoiding hangovers debunked

It doesn't matter how you get there, too much alcohol leads to a sore head, researchers find.
11 February 2019

GP slams NT's 'over-the-top' grog shop cops

Answering armed liquor inspector questions outside alcohol outlets is a step too far for this remote doctor.
22 January 2019

8 key facts about Aussies cutting back on booze

Hint: baby boomers are not leading the way.
29 October 2018

On the road: Sleep deprivation as risky as alcohol

Chance of a crash goes up 15-fold when driving on less than four hours' kip.
10 October 2018

How many alcoholic drinks a week is too many?

Every-day tipple may need a rethink as even light daily drinkers face increased risk of dying.
08 October 2018

How GPs can spot risky older drinkers

Many drink despite memory loss and falls.
04 October 2018

'What we think is more important than what we drink'

Middle-aged drinkers don't worry about the health effects of alcohol, but they do worry about appearing drunk.
19 September 2018

Sobering news: Aussies losing their taste for beer

Alcohol consumption has dropped to its lowest level since the 1960s
03 September 2018

Sick notes for hangovers? They're legit

Study shows work skills impaired the day after the night before
29 August 2018