Published Articles

Doctor burnout linked to e-health records

Daily IT frustration more than doubles the risk of burnout, US study finds.
06 December 2018

Government MP opts out of e-health record

He argues it should be an opt-in system
23 July 2018

Thousands opt out of My Health Record

They were encouraged by mental health groups who want people to ditch it
18 July 2018

Minister defends health data security

He says people should stick with it
17 July 2018

The best way to treat anxiety and depression in primary care

Randomised trial pinpoints one particular method
08 November 2017

Star Trek-style hologram doctors on the horizon

Doctors could soon turn themselves into holograms to conduct virtual home visits, under plans from an Australian home-care company.
03 October 2017

Online GP consults don’t save time or money

A survey found most GPs ended up doubling their workload
10 August 2017

UK patients told to ‘stay away’

The global cyber attacks have hit the NHS with a vengeance
16 May 2017