Published Articles

Recovered patient infects woman with Ebola

Case study illustrates how sexual transmission has potential to extend epidemic
16 October 2015

Sierra Leone orders Ebola curfew

The entire country has been ordered to stay indoors to stem the spread of the disease
23 March 2015

Health organisation ‘caught napping’

Head of UN group admits to shoddy work that should serve as ‘a lesson’ for the future
28 January 2015

Australian doctors save three from Ebola

A little girl’s hand print is the first to make its mark on a special survivor wall erected at a Sierra Leone centre
07 January 2015

Geldof hits back at nurse’s Band Aid criticism

UK Ebola survivor describes fundraising hit as ‘cringe-worthy’, saying Africa is not another planet
10 December 2014

WHO reports success with Ebola targets

Effort to isolate patients and bury bodies safely is showing good early results
02 December 2014

D-Day for Australian doctors

Innovative Ebola project allows people to volunteer without leaving their rooms
20 November 2014

Geldof teams up with One Direction for Ebola Band Aid

Close to 30 stars have spent a day recording a 30th anniversary version of Do They Know It’s Christmas?
17 November 2014

Call for Ebola screening on exit

It’s senseless for countries to look for ill people at inbound airports, says Lancet article
23 October 2014

US tightens arrival rules for Ebola

West African travellers will need to arrive at one of five airports with extra screening
22 October 2014