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How good is your webside manner?

Preserving the doctor-patient relationship via video link
28 November 2017

My Health Record still not worth its $2b investment

The future looks grim for the Federal Government’s My Health Record unless its inherent problems are addressed, new figures suggest.
24 November 2017

Prescription approvals to move online

Around 6.8 million requests were made over the phone last financial year
25 November 2016

RACGP calls time on faxes and letters

They are inefficient, put patients at risk and create a ‘heavy burden’ on GPs
23 September 2016

Thousands miss out on PIP payments

1500 general practices have missed targets leaving them out of pocket
15 September 2016

Practice list cleansing under way

Patients face being delisted if they are out of touch with their GP for five years
21 July 2016

E-health rules too onerous for GPs

They say they’ll lose thousands under the change
15 June 2016

HIV-positive patients feeling exposed

Proposed legislative changes reverses a decades-old policy of de-identifying information
04 June 2016

GPs still opting for snail mail

The slow adoption of e-health technology shows old habits die hard
01 May 2015