Published Articles

GP-led triage systems for all EDs

Every hospital in England will have one by the end of the year
14 March 2017

Ice behind 150,000 emergency visits

There is evidence addicts avoid seeing their GP during periods of heavy use
14 March 2017

5 things GPs hate about discharge summaries

And 7 ways to make them better
23 February 2017

Medihotels on WA Labor’s agenda

The premier says they are the best way of freeing up hospital beds
20 September 2016

EDs under pressure: situation normal

A third of patients are left waiting for a bed, according to a nationwide snapshot
10 September 2016

Higher ICU use defeats the purpose

It is associated with more invasive procedures, higher costs and no improvement in mortality
09 August 2016

Politician tells doctors to butt out of public policy

Highly critical of Sydney’s lockout laws, he hits out at those who ‘whine’ about having to treat victims of alcohol-related violence
20 February 2016

A threshold has been crossed, say Paris terror attack doctors

The demand for tourniquets was so high that many were forced to use their belts
26 November 2015

The reasons parents bypass GPs

Study shows most unnecessary ED presentations are for children
04 August 2015