Published Articles

Terminally ill lawyer wants help to die

She has asked the New Zealand high court to change the way the law is interpreted
27 May 2015

Euthanasia campaigner turns to comedy

Nitschke set to make his debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
13 January 2015

Resolving end-of-life disputes 101

Doctors still have the final say in deciding the best interests of the patient
28 October 2014

Doctors are clueless about end-of-life treatment laws

Study shows many do not understand the validity of an advance care directive or the authority of substitute decision-makers
12 August 2014

Greens push for medical marijuana

Legalisation of medical cannabis and euthanasia are back on the national political agenda following a passionate speech in parliament by Greens Senator Richard Di Natale.
02 July 2014

Palliative care in the spotlight

Linked with inadequate care for dying patients, the widely popular Liverpool Care Pathway has been given the boot in the UK, a development that could have implications for doctors here.
02 June 2014

‘Surprise’ question is surprisingly accurate

“Would you be surprised if this patient died in the next year?” This is colloquially known as the ‘surprise’ question with a recent study showing it dramatically improves GPs’ prognosis of their cancer patients.
06 May 2014

No interest in sharing GPs

Being able to see the same GP at every appointment is more important for older Australians than a productive consultation, a new report shows.
27 February 2014

ED is not the right place to die

End of life care is now a common core task for emergency department clinicians yet many say the treatment offered to these patients is futile, an Australian study shows.
19 February 2014