Published Articles

Normal levels of free thyroxine can elevate AF risk

Level range should be 'reconsidered and redefined', say researchers.
12 November 2018

Did intermittent fasting help reverse their type 2 diabetes?

Patients lost weight and ended up ditching their insulin.
10 October 2018

5 changes to PCOS management GPs need to know about

Doctors no longer need to use ultrasound to diagnose the condition.
28 September 2018

What’s the best sleep pattern for hearts?

Regularity, rather than duration, seems to be the key.
24 September 2018

Drink more caffeine: advice to kidney disease patients

Soft-drink caffeine lowers the risk of dying in those with the condition.
13 September 2018

3 steps to diagnosing PCOS

Australian-led GP toolkit launches
27 July 2018

8 tips for thyroid function testing

Opportunistic screening is not recommeded
20 July 2018

How shift work disrupts metabolism

It appears to be driven by separate body clocks in various organs
12 July 2018

Why men with less testosterone may be blessed

Study finds high levels of the hormone could make them less godly.
01 June 2018

Not all calories are created equal

22 nutrition researchers review the current science on diets
17 May 2018