5 reasons to stop prescribing vitamin D for bones

Supplementation doesn't prevent fractures, falls or improve bone density.
05 October 2018

Risk of death after fracture lasts longer than you thinK

First study to quantify the mortality risks for different breaks
23 July 2018

Just one year on this diet reduces bone loss

But only for people with osteoporosis
11 July 2018

How teen binge drinking affects bone density

Teenage girls who binge drink about twice a month may fail to reach their peak bone mass
15 June 2018

Watch those drug holidays for fracture risk

Experts urge caution with temporarily ceasing bisphosphonate therapy
07 May 2018

Changing tack on vitamin D and calcium

Vitamin D supplementation does not prevent falls, and calcium pills do not prevent fractures.
18 April 2018

Best measure to predict post-menopausal fracture

Surprisingly, physically active women are more prone to breaks
09 February 2018