Published Articles

Tinnitus linked to genetic factors

Doctors should collect family history of tinnitus when treating the complex condition, say researchers.
24 January 2019

Phantom smells are a real thing, study finds

Women and smokers are more likely to report phantom odour perception
23 August 2018

Why even short-term corticosteroid use is risky

Acute adverse events are associated with low doses
04 May 2017

5 changes to treating and diagnosing ENT conditions

New advice for doctors on antibiotics and imaging
20 March 2017

Parents still insisting on antibiotics for kids

And doctors appear to be giving in to those demands
14 March 2017

6 effective non-drug treatments for children

A useful list of tips and tricks relevant to primary care
11 February 2017

5 fundamentals of treating sinusitis

It can be difficult to distinguish bacterial from viral or allergy
09 February 2017

Watchful waiting vs surgery for tonsillectomy

A systematic review of seven studies has measured the benefits of the two interventions
19 January 2017

Treatment tables turn for otitis media

Study pinpoints the best way to treat infection in children
12 January 2017

Gel beats oral antibiotics for otitis media

A doctor could administer the entire antibiotic course at once
20 September 2016