Published Articles

A novel way to predict epileptic seizures

The non-surgical device is designed for treatment-resistant patients.
30 May 2018

It’s official: cannabis reduces seizures

At least it does in cases of severe epilepsy, say neurologists
26 May 2017

Epilepsy drug linked to child deformities

More than 4000 children are affected, says the French drug regulator.
21 April 2017

Epilepsy classification gets a major overhaul

New seizure types have been added, and names are easier to understand
11 March 2017

Epilepsy patients turning to illicit cannabis

They are reporting high rates of success in managing uncontrolled seizures
10 March 2017

Lay it on the line, say epilepsy patients

They want to know what their risk of death is
23 February 2017

4 tips for dealing with unfit drivers

GPs should be on the lookout for ‘doctor shoppers’
07 September 2016

The hidden issue in neurological disease

Doctors are failing their patients by not addressing sexual problems
01 June 2016

Epilepsy commonly missed as cause of death

It is the unacknowledged cause of many drownings, road accidents, aspiration pneumonia cases and falls
06 January 2016