Published Articles

Doctors referring patients for clitoridectomy, claims Russian clinic

A private clinic in Russia has come under fire for advertising female circumcision.
28 November 2018

How Brazil filled 20,000 doctor vacancies in three days

It's pretty easy when your new President is the 'Trump of the Tropics'.
26 November 2018

Dead man's sperm to be used by girlfriend

A young Queensland woman has won the right to use her dead boyfriend's sperm to have children in a landmark decision
20 June 2018

Study reveals selection bias in treating premature babies

Extremely premature babies born at 23 weeks gestation are managed differently to those born at 24 and 25 weeks gestation, according to research that reveals selection bias and several disparities in treatment.
20 June 2018

HealthEngine apologises for misleading conduct

HealthEngine boss Marcus Tan has “unreservedly apologised” after the online GP booking service was caught tampering with tens of thousands of patient reviews
12 June 2018

Doctors' booking fee rip-off exposed

One topped $6000, according to the Four Corners report
28 May 2018

Dubious drinking study ditched

This is because of a potential conflict of interest by two of the US authors.
18 May 2018

Trump wrote his own health report, doctor reveals

The 2015 candidacy letter boasted his ‘astonishingly excellent’ lab results.
04 May 2018