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6 signs your patient may have an exercise disorder

This addiction can have negative health outcomes: academic 
07 August 2018

Study determines the key to successful ageing

It’s about doing more exercise than recommended
25 July 2018

Walk faster to live longer

The protective effects are greatest for older people
04 June 2018

Best exercise to prevent stroke recurrence

It can be as effective as taking antihypertensives
23 May 2018

Exercise is fruitless once dementia starts

Study shows it won’t improve cognition but it does increase fitness.
18 May 2018

Fit older people are more articulate

Study shows they have fewer 'tip-of-the-tongue' moments.
02 May 2018

It’s official: exercise wards off depression

Physical activity reduces the risk of depression at any age, according to a large meta-analysis.  
27 April 2018