Published Articles

The irritabilities of IBS

You know the symptoms but finding the cause can be challenging. These tips and tricks should make it easier
17 December 2015

Avoiding wheat may be sensible but not for the reasons you think

FODMAPs, not gluten, are the trigger of gastrointestinal symptoms in people with so-called, non-coeliac gluten sensitivity
22 August 2015

FODMAP pioneer hits back at criticism

Professor Peter Gibson of Monash University pinpoints six gaps in journal article
12 August 2015

Meta-analysis supports low FODMAP for IBS

The diet reduces abdominal pain and bloating, Australian researchers confirm
28 May 2015

Low FODMAP food certification kicks off

New labelling will help IBS sufferers make the best diet choices
16 April 2015

Fructose, lactose and a low FODMAP diet

“There is now substantial evidence to confirm the efficacy of a low FODMAP diet in at least 70% of IBS patients in Australia and internationally”
16 February 2015