Published Articles

Super poopers boost transplant success

Kiwi researchers say there is no “one stool fits all” approach to faecal transplants for IBD.
13 February 2019

Call for colonoscopies after enterococcal infection

Three-quarters of patients tested are found to have colon cancer, an Australian study shows.
01 February 2019

Faecal transplants beat antibiotics in recurrent C. diff

The procedure is more effective than fidaxomicin and vancomycin.
16 January 2019

Why patients are using stools on the toilet

The defaecation postural modification device increases the odds of complete bowel emptying.
10 January 2019

Risk of MI raised in patients with IBD

It's a reminder to carefully monitor these patients for cardiac risk factors, such as smoking and high cholesterol.
17 December 2018

PPI co-therapy cuts risk of anticoagulant-related upper GI bleeds

Large US study also finds some NOACs increase risk of bleed more than others.
05 December 2018

Happy mind, happy tum for IBS patients

Largest RCT to date shows hypnotherapy works in group or individual setting.
26 November 2018

New blood test may monitor coeliac disease

Need for endoscopy may be avoided with assay that also detects mucosal healing, researchers say.
19 November 2018

Why colonoscopists need a triple-A rating

Doctors call for colonoscopy providers to be rated on their price, accuracy and availability.
16 November 2018

Question to ask sleepy female patients

Snoring, nocturnal reflux tied to daytime sleepiness, researchers say.
12 November 2018