Published Articles

10 things I hate/love about you (general practice)

GP's last column discusses 'bollocksology' and cherishing thank-you cards.
14 September 2018

GPs dispute they’ve been beaten by a 'chatbot' in medical exam

A software company claims its artificially intelligent app outperformed human doctors in diagnosing medical conditions in exam questions similar to those set by the UK’s Royal College of General Practitioners
28 June 2018

GPs go up a notch in the ethics rankings

They may have come up in the world but they are not number one - find out who is!
03 August 2017

Why general practice needs reform

"The primary care 'system' is not so much a system as an uncoordinated rabble"
03 May 2017

Thousands delay GP visit because of cost

And many more are opting for the emergency department instead
02 February 2017

GPs seen as a boon for the dying

Their involvement results in less hospitalisation and lower costs
14 January 2017

Renewed push to integrate pharmacists into primary care

For the idea to work they need access to patients’ electronic health records
09 December 2016

5 factors linked to decision regret

It’s uncommon in primary care but here’s what to look out for in any case
17 November 2016