Published Articles

Older patients' gait could point to depression

The slower they walk and the shorter the steps, the more likely they'll develop the disorder: study.
11 February 2019

Does aortic valve replacement benefit frail patients?

Study suggests carrying out a frailty assessment in patients before the procedure.
06 February 2019

Blood test could detect early Alzheimer's

Protein that leaks from damaged neurons is key to the test, which could also be used to detect other neurological disease.
24 January 2019

Frailty may tip elderly towards dementia

Findings are an 'enormous step in the right direction' for Alzheimer's research.
21 January 2019

Tell patients to get moving to stave off dementia

Exercise might help by 'strengthening connections' between brain cells involved in cognitive reserve.
17 January 2019

Vitamin D supplements don't help older patients

Most patients over 70 should focus on diet, exercise and sun exposure, say authors.
16 January 2019

Short tests may fail to predict dementia

Screening using brief cognitive assessment tools could be less accurate than previously thought.
12 December 2018

Legs eleven: UK GPs prescribe dancing and bingo

Pilot scheme suggests 'community prescribing' reduced hospital outpatient referrals by 20%.
19 November 2018

4 reasons it's hard for GPs to talk about sexual health with older patients

Many feel their patients 'either did not have sex or were not interested in addressing it', say researchers.
15 November 2018

Seems it's true: People can die of a broken heart

Grief can promote inflammation, raising the risk of negative health outcomes, study finds.
23 October 2018