Published Articles

Why diet and exercise may not be enough to prevent GDM

All women should be screened earlier for dysglycaemia, urge US researchers.
09 January 2019

Winter conceptions carry diabetes risk

Study confirms a seasonal variation in gestational diabetes mellitus
16 November 2016

12 tips for managing maternal obesity

Some useful pointers for GPs to minimise complications
18 October 2016

Important changes to diabetic guidelines

Patients with CVD should get the maximum dose of a statin, irrespective of lipid levels
25 September 2016

Gestational diabetes needs better follow-up

GPs are key to preventing type 2 in these at-risk women
17 August 2016

Diet affects blood pressure after gestational diabetes

Eating well in the years after pregnancy may reduce the risk of hypertension
21 April 2016

Combating gestational diabetes proves elusive

Study shows a program of regular exercise and healthy eating is futile for preventing gestational diabetes
11 July 2015

Study quantifies GDM pregnancy risks

Pregnancy-related complications are more common but neonatal death rates are lower
13 March 2015

Antihypertensive therapy safe in pregnancy: study

Researcher ‘happily surprised’ as results indicate a less cautious approach could be justified
12 February 2015

HbA1c tests too risky postpartum: study

Even though patients prefer the convenience, the results are not accurate after gestational diabetes
04 February 2015