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1 in 4 guideline authors have undisclosed links to drug companies

Those working on government-funded guidelines are much less likely to have undisclosed financial ties.
04 February 2019

How to clinically differentiate between MI and myocardial injury

An updated definition has been released by an international task forceĀ 
03 September 2018

Doctors to get real-time updates of stroke guidance

Australia funds first 'living' stroke guidelines in the world
10 August 2018

How would Aussies fare under American BP cut-offs?

Millions would be affected - but cardiologists say no change in BP targets is needed yet
03 August 2018

7 things to know about the new heart failure guidelines

They differ from international advice
02 August 2018

9 tips for treating vaginal thrush

What the guidelines say about recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis
23 July 2018

8 tips for thyroid function testing

Opportunistic screening is not recommeded
20 July 2018

These drugs are as good as placebo for back pain

Lack of efficacy is accompanied by increased risk of adverse events
05 July 2018

Europe stays put on hypertensive thresholds

Europe is not budging from its current blood pressure diagnostic threshold despite the US charging ahead with a more conservative approach to managing arterial hypertension
12 June 2018