Published Articles

Dodgy doctor referred to police

There was 'a repeat theme' of unnecessary removal of organs, wrong procedures and perforations.
07 February 2019

History: In search of the wandering womb

Where the wild wombs are: the ancient Greeks called it 'an animal within an animal'.
16 January 2019

Doctors warn against do-it-yourself removal of IUDs

'My husband removed mine', claims a member of a Facebook group on the devices.
14 January 2019

Consider abuse in emergency contraceptive consults

Inquiries about emergency contraception could flag a deeper problem, researchers warn.
12 December 2018

Self-sample HPV tests are just as good as doctors

The women had no trouble following the instructions and would use them in the future.
08 November 2018

3 steps to diagnosing PCOS

Australian-led GP toolkit launches
27 July 2018

9 tips for treating vaginal thrush

What the guidelines say about recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis
23 July 2018

Prison for greedy Victorian fertility fake

He will remain on the sex offender registry for life
06 July 2018

Probe into NSW doctor guilty of misconduct

He was accused of telling a patient she had cancer when she didn't
26 June 2018