Published Articles

Questions raised over familial cholesterolaemia and CVD risk

Study shows hospitalisations for CVD and ischaemic stroke no higher in this group.
19 December 2018

This smartphone app can detect anaemia

It screens for low haemoglobin by checking the colour of the user's fingernails.
06 December 2018

History: How Queen Victoria unintentionally killed a whole bunch of European royals

Part I in a series looking at all the times monarchs have been royally screwed by death and disease.
07 November 2018

History: The blue-blooded family of Kentucky

Their genetic oddity persisted for 200 years
22 August 2018

Macroglossia and oedema - what do you suspect?

Choose the test that will confirm the most likely diagnosis
20 July 2018

Two lessons for snakebite management

Review has important implications for hospitals stocking antivenom
28 July 2017