Published Articles

Antibiotic stewardship is a no-brainer

But more needs to be done at the community level, argue experts
21 June 2017

6 signs your hand sanitiser is poisonous

There are increasing rates among young children
07 March 2017

Why shaving is a bad idea before surgery

Fundamental changes in new global anti-infection guidelines
10 November 2016

US bans antibacterial handwash

Here's why Australia should too
10 September 2016

Antimicrobial soap can disrupt the gut: study

New research adds to concerns over common additive
14 April 2016

Doctors wipe their hands of responsibility

But nurses appear to have their hygiene under control
09 April 2016

Handwashing campaign almost gets a clean bill of health

It has reduced the risk of golden staph in Australian hospitals, but at a cost
24 February 2016

Widespread dermatitis in UK hospitals

Better hand hygiene among hospital staff has come at the expense of increasing skin problems and infection rates
16 February 2015