Published Articles

Australia gets a ‘fail’ on mental health report card

Sobering results challenge traditional approaches such as GP support
08 August 2017

What to know about the latest HRT thinking

Hormone replacement is now considered a primary therapy for preventing fracture
02 August 2017

What public health can learn from Pokemon Go

Researchers say its public health benefits have been overlooked
29 July 2017

Women GPs now outnumber men

But they are not being taken seriously as leaders or surgeons
25 July 2017

British boys to miss out on HPV vax

They are already protected by the herd effect, according to a new ruling
22 July 2017

How common is erectile dysfunction in diabetes?

A meta-analysis has been used to assess the prevalence of the problem
21 July 2017

Paediatrician struck off for child pornography

He used military grade software to avoid detection
21 July 2017

Breastmilk brownies anyone?

School mum makes them for fete and is surprised by all the fuss
21 July 2017

Unacceptably long shifts still the norm, says AMA

One doctor worked 76 hours non-stop
17 July 2017

The ugly truth about attractiveness

Having a good-looking husband has negative consequences for the wife
17 July 2017