Published Articles

Gaps in the system let bogus doctor operate

But a review finds it couldn’t happen today
06 July 2017

‘My Health’ privacy remains intact

Claims that the system is open access are false
12 April 2017

Government blamed for exacerbating rural woes

Rural practices and medical graduates need clarity around rurally based GP training, says RDAA president
17 November 2014

Aussie bid to make obesity a chronic disease

Reclassification is long overdue, says GP who wants Australia to follow US lead
24 October 2014

Co-payment on hold

The controversial $7 GP co-payment legislation is on hold although the Health Minister says he is still committed to the measure
03 October 2014

Health budget is not the problem: AMA

Government claims that health spending is out of control has now been disproved, the AMA says
23 September 2014

Fed-up UK doctors fight Cameron in election

A dozen Health Action Party candidates have announced they will stand in 2015
15 September 2014

Email not worth the effort

6minutes poll shows GPs are against the concept email communication with patients
12 September 2014

NDIS rollout good value for money

Despite the kinks, the NDIS model of care has improved services for both doctors and patients
04 September 2014

To email, or not to email, that is the question

As a patient, I’d like to be able to email my GP for clinical advice, to request a repeat prescription or to get the lowdown on my test results.
03 September 2014