Published Articles

How heart failure differs between the sexes

Death rates are higher for women.
16 July 2018

Why middle-aged men should go easy on this diet

Study finds a link between high protein and heart failure.
30 May 2018

Study casts doubt on heart failure link to cancer

Heart failure patients may not have an elevated risk of cancer after all, the latest evidence suggests.
05 April 2018

What works best for drug-resistant AF

The results of a large RCT have been described as a major finding
23 February 2018

7 drugs to avoid in heart failure

An updated list of the worst offenders
08 August 2017

Iron pills prove impotent for HF patients

Study shows supplementation won't help them get fitter after all
17 May 2017

How one event changed a GP's approach to dyspnoea

Looking to deepen your knowledge and understanding of managing breathless patients? Why not attend our upcoming CPD-accredited seminar.
16 March 2017

5 important facts about heart meds

The latest clinical information on heart failure management
04 March 2017