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The quest to cure HCV

03 December 2018

Hep C experts reject 'flawed’ Cochrane report

The new-generation hepatitis C therapies have come under fire
16 June 2017

6 essential steps for treating hep C patients

Most can easily be managed in a primary care setting
19 May 2017

6 essential steps in treating hepatitis C

Best practice tips for primary care management
07 March 2017

Hep E now a local threat

GPs are being urged to consider it as a cause of acute hepatitis even if a patient has not recently travelled
19 April 2016

How GPs can wipe out hepatitis C

Heather McNamee speaks about four new treatments that will be listed on the PBS on 1 March
19 February 2016

GPs to write scripts for new hep C drugs

They will not need specific training or accreditation, but will need to consult a specialist
10 February 2016