Published Articles

The downside of PrEP use

Rapid uptake has been accompanied by a rise in condomless sex
06 June 2018

Caught on camera: how HIV infects cells

Its work is done in a matter of seconds.
17 May 2018

HIV breakthrough galvanises scientists

They say they are now a step closer to a permanent cure
05 May 2017

Pubic groomers at greater risk of STIs

Sexual health experts suggest a short period of abstinence following hair removal
13 December 2016

Spot diagnosis

What is the likely cause of these painless oral lesions?
07 October 2016

Talk of an HIV cure ‘premature’

British scientists say they are confident of success but not everyone is convinced
05 October 2016

Gay men need more: Time to end HIV fixation

Health interventions must encompass a broader range of conditions
08 September 2016

HIV-positive patients feeling exposed

Proposed legislative changes reverses a decades-old policy of de-identifying information
04 June 2016

Forget trying to change people’s sexual behaviour

Researchers say HIV campaigns have failed to increase abstinence and fidelity
04 May 2016

High Court overturns HIV infection conviction

The case establishes that if an HIV-positive person has unprotected sex, it cannot be said that they intended to transmit HIV
08 April 2016