Published Articles

'Work hardening' is failing registrars and patients, says AMA

A surgical registrar’s public denouncement of her training has sparked renewed debate on safe working hours.
06 February 2019

ICU stethoscopes are teeming with bacteria

More than half are infected and cleaning doesn't always work.
13 December 2018

Hospital patients discharged 'quicker and sicker' over Christmas

The holiday period carries higher risks of death or readmission, researchers say.
12 December 2018

Oh dear: Doctors advised to stop calling patients 'love'

Medical staff in Ireland are being asked to use patients' names instead of procedure or pet monikers.
04 December 2018

'Eyeballing' patients in ED better than triage

Study shows emergency triage systems to determine sickest patients may need a rethink.
16 October 2018

3 almost untreatable superbugs uncovered in Australia

Three strains of multi-drug resistant Staphylococcus epidermidis have been found
03 September 2018

Dozens of 'code blue' numbers is crazy, say hospital doctors

Doctors call for one emergency response team number to be used in every hospital
31 August 2018

'Unacceptable': 2 out of 3 cannulas inserted in wrong spot

Forearm is best, but most are placed in patients' hands or wrists, shows Oz study
23 August 2018

6 key facts on the rise of cardiac implants

Their use has more than tripled in a decade
30 July 2018

New front in the war against superbugs

Tiny chemical 'fragments' key to a potential new class of antibiotics 
26 July 2018