Published Articles

The latest on HRT and heart health

New evidence suggests it may be linked to favourable cardiovascular outcomes
13 March 2018

When you shouldn't prescribe HRT

Revised US guidelines support a major RANZCOG recommendation
13 December 2017

Why hot flushes and night sweats are a red flag

Menopausal vasomotor symptoms are associated with a significantly increased risk of type 2 diabetes, particularly for women with night sweats.
07 December 2017

Natural therapies preferred over HRT

Women are shunning HRT to treat menopausal symptoms, preferring instead to use unproven herbal supplements, acupuncture and meditation.
13 October 2017

New HRT patch shortage described as ‘devastating’

An endocrinologist has expressed dismay about disruption
20 July 2017

Menopause is totally ageing

And insomnia magnifies its biological effects
26 July 2016

No cognitive improvement with HRT

Study fails to confirm the ‘timing hypothesis’
19 July 2016

HRT not the be-all and end-all

Australian researchers question the methodology behind the new UK guidelines on menopause
23 January 2016

Safe therapies underused in menopausal women

Many patients with severe symptoms are taking unapproved compounded hormones
19 August 2015