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Antihypertensives are not so ACE when it comes to lung cancer

GP study shows long-term use is linked to a 14% higher risk.
25 October 2018

What high blood pressure may signify in young men

Study looks at binge drinking and heart risks in 18-45-year-olds
29 June 2018

Even safe high blood pressure increases dementia risk

A systolic reading of 130mmHg is enough to endanger 50-year-olds
13 June 2018

Europe stays put on hypertensive thresholds

Europe is not budging from its current blood pressure diagnostic threshold despite the US charging ahead with a more conservative approach to managing arterial hypertension
12 June 2018

The case for lowering the hypertension threshold

Benefits outweigh risks, according to US research
01 June 2018

7 common mistakes when taking blood pressure

Full bladder and incorrect cuff technique inflate readings
01 May 2018

Revised blood pressure guidelines spark debate

They include lowering hypertension and drug treatment thresholds
16 April 2018