Published Articles

Short and sweet: new IBD disability tool effective

It simplifies the process for patients to self-report useful data.
05 October 2018

Could worms prevent IBD?

New research suggests the parasites may protect against Crohn’s
28 April 2016

IBD clues emerge from Australian study

Fruit and caffeine appear protective
15 April 2016

Stool test could end unnecessary colonoscopies

It can accurately differentiate between IBD and IBS but it is yet to get government funding
15 March 2016

5 important considerations for IBD in pregnancy

Doctors may be inadvertently providing patients with inaccurate advice
12 November 2015

Push to reimburse faecal calprotectin testing

MBS is assessing system that could eliminate the need for thousands of endoscopies
16 October 2015

Hookworm spit is potential treatment for IBD

Anti-inflammatory protein in the creature’s saliva has more potential than current drugs, says Australian scientist
12 November 2014

Shedding light on faecal incontinence

One in ten general practice patients have the condition, but many are missing out on new treatment options, say specialists
05 November 2014

New index quantifies disability in IBD

Around 20% of people with inflammatory bowel disease have a disability that renders them incapable of full-time work or study, Australian researchers find.
03 April 2014