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State's flu season set to be worst on record

It is also likely to peak earlier than usual
30 June 2017

Riddle of why overweight people don't respond to flu vax

Study suggests vaccine preparations should be reassessed
10 June 2017

Flu protection could start at the nose

Researchers explain why a yearly shot may soon be a thing of the past
05 June 2017

Study confirms MI risk after the flu

Coronary angiography highlights the importance preventive strategies
16 May 2017

Five tips for talking to vaccine-hesitators

Alleviating their concerns can be tricky, but it's for the greater good
20 April 2017

When people hear only what they want to hear

Why it is futile to bombard sceptics with facts
15 March 2017

When the vaccination message loses potency

Australians' attitudes are more complex than a simple 'pro' or 'anti' label
11 March 2017

Man dies following GP's Zostavax error

The doctor did not consider contraindications
09 March 2017

One Nation jabs itself in the foot

State MP urged to take his leader to task
07 March 2017

7 ways to lessen immunisation pain

Tried and true strategies for minimising the tears
14 February 2017