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Doctors urge NRL to act on anti-vaxxers

‘I have seen too many of the children in my care die from these diseases,' says paediatrician.
15 February 2019

Top doctor slams anti-vax stance of NRL player's wife

Celebrities are often 'not equipped' to give health advice, which could threaten the lives of children, says AMA president.
14 February 2019

HPV vaccine needs to scale up urgently, warns WHO

'Unfounded rumours' continue to impede access to the vaccine, says the International Agency for Research on Cancer.
05 February 2019

Vaccine linked to drop in paediatric type 1 diabetes

Oral rotavirus vaccine given to infants may have a protective effect, say Aussie researchers.
22 January 2019

Borne to be mild: Flu season is officially over

Upswing in vaccinations helps to avoid a repeat of last year's 'brutal' season.
22 October 2018

Flu cases plummet by 80%

Science and a bit of luck helped keep numbers down this year.
08 October 2018

Try again in kids with mild-moderate vax reactions

Most were fine on second vaccination: study shows.
17 September 2018

Measles makes a comeback due to patchy vaccination - EU

Immunisation rates vary from below 70% to above 95% across the 53 member states
22 August 2018

Obesity epidemic could be spreading flu

Patients with obesity shed influence virus for longer
06 August 2018

How Elle's new date could muddy the vaccination message

What happens when a super model meets discredited researcher 
06 August 2018