Published Articles

Why some children are prone to strep throat

The findings may have identified a potential target for recurrent tonsillitis, say researchers.
14 February 2019

Child vomiting after rice, oats or chicken?

The little known food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome could be more common than we think, say researchers.
01 February 2019

1 in 5 report some form of food intolerance

And overall, one in 10 are allergic to at least one food, US study suggests.
07 January 2019

Don't leave EpiPens in hot cars

Glove compartments are the hottest spot and adrenaline concentrations drop, study finds.
12 December 2018

Worth a shot: Immunotherapy effective in severe eczema

The case report adds to evidence in support of subcutaneous allergy therapy.
22 November 2018

Caught on camera: how HIV infects cells

Its work is done in a matter of seconds.
17 May 2018

New shingles vax deemed better than current

Company-sponsored trial shows promising results
30 April 2018

New MenB vax ready to roll

Called Trumenba, it joins its rival Bexsero to provide short-term protection.
13 April 2018

5 reasons to avoid sedating antihistamines

Adverse effects include accidents and severe tissue injury
03 April 2018