Published Articles

Study reveals risk factors for urge incontinence

High BMI is a known risk factor for urinary urge incontinence, but researchers now believe this is not simply due to a person’s increased weight.
08 March 2018

15 unnecessary urological practices

A useful reminder of which treatments and tests to avoid
24 May 2017

There's only one way to cure incontinence

Most treatments don’t work, laments gynaecologist
06 April 2017

6 tips for treating an overactive bladder

Encourage your patients to sit down and take five slow deep breaths
13 December 2016

Urologists give thumbs-up to urinary incontinence device

Their large study shows major improvements for prostate cancer patients
29 November 2016

Questions over antidepressant for stress incontinence

It treats the problem but has nasty side-effects
18 November 2016

Anal intercourse linked to faecal incontinence

Women are more likely to engage in the practice than men, but men face a bigger risk
22 January 2016

Vaginal insert used to treat faecal incontinence

Clinical trial shows almost 80% of women halved their number of episodes
25 February 2015

Test your knowledge

What are these? Hint: They cause twitching, drooling and urinary incontinence
27 January 2015