Published Articles

Doctors closing the gap: 5 wins for eye health

There are improvements, but more still needs to be done to stay on track, expert says.
20 November 2018

Racism from GPs and nurses common, reveals small indigenous survey

Online poll of 120 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people shows two-thirds put off seeking treatment due to discrimination.
13 November 2018

How living on traditional land prevents mental illness

Those living on traditional lands fare better
30 July 2018

Gonorrhoea, syphilis rates jump among young Australians

Rates of gonorrhoea have increased by 63% in the past five years, particularly among young, urban heterosexuals, according to a new report on sexual health and blood-borne viruses.
03 November 2017

'Disastrous' GP co-payment under fire

“Everyone who knows anything about indigenous healthcare and anyone who’s been to the NT will realise it’s just impractical.”
15 August 2014

Talking about Twitter's place in medicine

Twitter makes it easy to connect with people from all sorts of backgrounds which helps me in my work. And it’s especially good for conferences and academic research.
07 February 2014

The appalling state of indigenous ear health

He has been called a ‘trailblazer’ in the world of medicine, but Australia’s first indigenous surgeon says he is simply giving back his community. Kelvin Kong speaks to 6minutes about his work.
18 January 2014

Good report card for ATSI

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are finally reaping the benefits of immunisation programs, according to research which shows a dramatic reduction in rates of disease.
11 January 2014